Werewolves To Sue Kanye For NOT Showing Them Nude In Video

Hollywood, California – While music performer Kanye West taunts Taylor Swift and other celebrities to sue him for portraying them nude in his new music video ‘Famous,’ there is another group preparing to sue him for the opposite reason: werewolves.

Werewolves, known for their love of going au naturel, feel deeply slighted that Kanye chose not to include them in his pantheon of nude nappers.

Werewolves ‘Pioneers of Indecent Exposure’

“Let’s face it, werewolves are pioneers in public nudity and indecent exposure,” a werewolf in Los Angeles wrote in to WereWatchers. “And I feel like Kanye totally forgot us.”

“To have such  a important cultural work focused on nudity not include a single werewolf is a travesty. An utter disgrace,” said Alan Wershowitz of the Werewolf Legal Defense Pack.

But will werewolves sue Kanye?

“Mr. West should stop worrying about whether Donald Trump plans to sue him. He should be terrified about a pack of angry werewolves with law degrees.”

Bare Betrayal

What stings even more for werewolves is that they have been ardent fans of Kanye, despite his very public ups and downs.

“Before, I had always viewed Kanye as a misunderstood genius. While some made fun of him for rambling on Ellen, I thought it was eight minutes of clear-headed realness,” a werewolf makeup artist in Studio City told WereWatchers.

“But after he dissed us in the new music video, I wouldn’t show my ass in his music video even if he paid me 2 million dollars. Well… 1 million dollars. I’m not stupid.”