Werewolves Disrupt Immersive Storytelling Workshop in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. – The WereWatchers staff in the nation’s capital reported yet another incident of lycan bad behavior today. According to eyewitnesses, a group of rowdy lycanthropes temporarily disrupted the StoriesLab 2014 immersive storytelling workshop on Thursday morning.

As one lycan explained to WereWatchers, the werewolves involved were actually scheduled to attend a Vegan Fajita Cooking Class at a nearby health food store, but apparently one member of the group forwarded them an incorrect address, which happened to match that of Edgewood Arts Center, where the StoriesLab seminar took place.

“Okay, so werewolves aren’t the greatest with map. Sue us. But what do you expect in Washington D.C., with all the M St. NW this and 2nd St. SE that. It’s like the streets were named by some insane algebra teacher.”

Another lycan on the scene tells us that the real problem began because the group walked in during a presentation by a speaker named Glenn McClanan, who was discussing an upcoming immersive story site called “The Wyr Deception” which – ironically – centers on werewolves.

“It’s bad enough that we go in expecting mounds of soy-based fajita ingredients everywhere, and instead get a workshop on transmedia storytelling. Then Mr. Immersive Story Know-It-All goes squawking about his ‘revisionist take on werewolf folklore.’”

“Who does this werewolf-hater think he is? Werewolves are real. You can’t revise us. We had to defend the honor of all werewolves.”


Real Werewolves Real Hungry

As stunned attendees looked on, the offended werewolves proceeded to argue with McClanan about the details of his werewolf story world.

“For example, he was going on about how werewolves hate wolfsbane,” one werewolf told us, “That’s just baloney. In fact, wolfsbane can be quite delish when served on hummus.”

Before the argument escalated further, Felicia Pride, organizer of StoriesLead, thought fast and managed to lure the werewolves out of the building with a box of sandwiches intended for lunch break.

When asked why they so readily abandoned defending werewolf honor, one lycan told us: “Yeah, honor is important and all. But a tasty sandwich… that’s, like, a spiritual matter.”


The Wyr Immersion

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Werewolves’ Proposed immersive Story Project

Pride tells WereWatchers that the rest of the event went very well, without a hitch and without additional lycan commentary.

However, after the event, she tells us that the werewolves, having been inspired by the discussion earlier in the day, approached her with a pitch for their own immersive story idea.

Despite the mischievous behavior earlier, she remained diplomatic in her assessment. “The attendees had so many great ideas for immersive story projects… And then there was also the werewolves’ idea. Let’s just say that one needs work.”