Werewolves Crash, Then Un-Crash, “Uptight” Werewolf Conference

Hertfordshire, England – A group of English werewolves reportedly crashed, then uncrashed, a werewolf-themed academic conference last weekend after mistaking it for a college werewolf party.

As a werewolf in the group told WereWatchers:

“My mates and I saw a news story in The Guardian about a supposed ‘werewolf conference’ at the University of Hertfordshire, and we just assumed it was a giant college party for lycans like us.”

“We got suspicious almost immediately upon arrival. First the organizers looked kinda stunned to see a group of werewolves walk through the door, but we just assumed it was because they were awestruck by our awesome hair-dos… We did look good…”

“Then we saw this list of seminars about shit like Modern Werewolves In Crisis and Lycan Existentialism. Though what really did it was when we got to the food table and discovered that they didn’t have a single bowl of nachos.”

“Then it suddenly occurred to us… Oh my God, this is a conference about werewolves, not for them.

According to the Open Graves, Open Minds website, which apparently the werewolves had not read, the conference was intended to:  “explore human social existence and its animal substrate, and the intersection between the human and the wolfishly bestial as expressed in narrative media from a variety of epochs and cultures.”


Lacked Basic ‘Werewolf-Appropriate Munchies’

“That translate to ‘way boring and uptight,'” another werewolf explained. “And oh yeah, apparently it also translates to lacking basic ‘werewolf-appropriate munchies.'”

“And they didn’t have a single seminar on were-hair styling. What the Hell? How can one attempt to look into the soul of a werewolf without understanding the deep spiritual bond each werewolf has with his or her hairdryer.”

“Duh,” he added.

At first, conference organizers refused to refund the werewolves the conference fee which mistook for a cover charge.

“We did not consider ‘insufficient munchies’ a valid reason for a refund,” a representative told WereWatchers. But when the disgruntled werewolves threatened to protest with an all-day “howl-a-thon” if they didn’t get a refund, organizers relented and gave them all a full refund plus one bag of nachos each.

No matter how much academic value was gained from it, the disturbance clearly left a negative taste in their mouth. As one organizer told us:

“From now on, we’re sticking to zombies.”