SXSW News: Werewolf-Owned Startup Launches Uber-Competitor Wuber

Austin, Texas – Amid the swirl of entrepreneurial activity at SXSW Interactive, a lycan-owned startup launched an Uber competitor day – aimed at werewolves consumers.

With the unofficial “Were-able Tech” theme at this year’s show, the conference is seeing a number of werewolf-themed product launches.

“Frankly, neither cabs nor Uber cut it from the werewolf perspective,” says enthusiastic owner, Jake Merkel from Phoenix. “Either they’re too expensive, or they arrive when the full moon is already half over.”

“Werewolves need a car service just for them. Wuber is the answer.”

When asked if Wuber would have surge-pricing similar to its non-lycan competitor,  Merkel replied, “only once a month. We’ve dubbed it ‘Full Moon Surge Pricing.'”