Climate Deal Reached After Werewolves Compromise On Hairdryer Use

Paris, France – After weeks of tense negotiations, the Paris Climate Summit reached a deal today once werewolves agreed to compromise on their hairdryer use.

“It was a nail-biter,” said one negotiator. “Trying to convince a room full of stubborn, hair-obsessed lycanthropes that they really don’t need to dry their hair all day long proved harder than anyone at the summit expected.”

Scientific evidence has been mounting that one of the leading causes of global warming is werewolves’ inordinately long daily use of hairdryers, which they estimate at 4-5 hours per day.

“We understand that a global climate disaster is a major bummer, but to any self-respecting werewolf, damp hair is the worst disaster ever,” explained a representative from the werewolf delegation early in the summit.

WereWatchers - Climate Summit - Causes of Global Warming


“Hairdryers Short-Circuiting Across The Pacific”

But the werewolves softened their stance eventually.

“Okay,  all those non-werewolf delegates giving me stink eye for overheating the planet began to wear me down. I may be a supernatural predator spawned from the depths of Hell, but I have feelings too.”

“Gotta admit, I was moved by warnings about rising water levels on those Pacific Islands,” said another were-delegate.

“Could create a domino effect, with hairdryers short-circuiting everywhere. Imagine the poor werewolves on Tahiti and Tuvalu with no way to dry their wet were-hair. It’d be a catastrophe. We knew we had to act.”

So the werewolves finally agreed to compromise on hairdryer use. This morning the werewolf delegation announced their capitulation, agreeing to reduce their hairdryer usage to “no more than 3 hours per day, unless, of course, we have a hot date.”