Werewolves Traumatized by New Airbnb Logo

San Francisco, California – The reveal of Airbnb’s new logo last week ruffled many a feather in the tech community, and based on a flood of umbrage-filled emails we received from our lycan readers, it apparently ruffled some fur too.


Lycan Loyalty Tested

It is no secret that, since its founding in 2008, werewolves have been some of Airbnb’s most loyal customers.

“This new service is friggin’ awesome,” wrote one lycan tech blogger at the time.

“Airbnb means one thing for werewolves – gone are the days of nowhere to crash after a full moon prowl. You aren’t really in the mood to go home after devouring half the neighborhood, and walking into the lobby of a Marriott naked as a jaybird and covered in twigs ain’t that appealing of option either.”

WereWatchers - News - Airbnb Belong Anywhere
One Reader’s Proposed “Enhancement” to New Airbnb Tagline

Despite their enthusiasm for the home rental service, there has still been a lot of nervous growling after the San Francisco-based company unveiled the new logo along with the new tagline Belong Anywhere.

To many, the curvaceous new logo looked suspiciously like a certain part of the female anatomy.

As one avid lycan Airbnb’er told us:

“Listen, my werewolf buddies and I love their service, and more than once I wrote in to their help desk to tell them how I kinda view them as a second home. Warm and welcoming, like going home to Mom. But I gotta say that I never intended for them to go and turn into Airvnv, if you know what I mean.”

This was one of many bad puns sent in by readers to communicate their hidden sense of betrayal, with another reader writing us with simply a subject line:

Airbnb = AirBirds-n-Bees?


Post-Airbnb Logo Traumatic Syndrome?

The majority of readers acknowledged that they will eventually get used to the evocative logo.

Though for some, it may require some therapy along the way:

“I’m a werewolf, and a Catholic. I try to look at the new logo and tell myself it looks like something benign, like a deformed avocado or something. But then I end up thinking of something even more dirty that it kind of looks like,” one reader told us.

“As if being a lycanthrope doesn’t bring enough feelings of guilt already, now Airbnb goes and piles it on. Isn’t that just peachy?