Werewolves Demand Comic Con Visitors Stop Assuming They’re Wearing Costumes

New York, NY – As 2014 New York Comic Con readies to begin this Thursday, lycan fanboys and fangirls sent an open letter to Comic Con officials, calling for greater sensitivity for conference goers of a lycan persuasion.

“We, the lycanthropes who are fans of awesome comics and other forms of high-quality entertainment, demand greater sensitivity from Comic Con,” the letter begins, “and that visitors stop coming up to us to talk about our ‘pretty real looking’ costumes.”

It’s Not A Costume…Really

The letter goes on to describe a multitude of instances from past conferences in San Diego and New York, in which non-lycan visitors have confronted lycans with an array of commentary on their “costumes.” According to the letter, no matter how many times the lycanthrope points out that it is not a costume and that they are in fact an actual werewolf, the individual just keeps on giving more feedback.

“People take it as defensiveness or denial or something, and either start heaping on the compliments or starts telling you how to improve your ‘costume’ in time for the big daddy in San Diego. I had one guy tell me that I should buy a new mask at Abacadabra on 21st Street,” one lycan Comic Con-goer told WereWatchers.

“Would have killed the moron right there but he was wearing a Frodo costume. Kind of a dick move to kill Frodo.”

With the full moon being today, the situation is especially problematic, given that many werewolves will still not have come down from their full moon transformation. So if they are a werewolf who also loves X-Men, they may have to suck it up and take a lot of unwanted cos-commentary at Jacob Javits Center on Thursday.

New York Comic Con officials had no immediate comment on the letter.