Werewolf Ejected From NY Film Festival After VR Hand-Flailing Incident

New York, New York – Leaked reports from Lincoln Center reveal that a werewolf festivalgoer was ejected from the the New York Film Festival on Sunday after accidentally close-lining participants during a VR demonstration.

The werewolf in question was identified as Seth Brewinski, an NYU film student from Poughkeepsie, who was attending New York Film Festival’s Convergence Series, which focuses on immersive, interactive media.


One of the highlights of Convergence this year was The Doghouse, an immersive VR film by Danish filmmakers Johan Jensen and Mads Damsbo. The Doghouse‘s story centers around a family dinner, telling each character’s story using individual VR headsets.


Werewolf “Overly Immersed”

According to reports, the problem started halfway through the demo, when Brewinski became “overlay immersed” in the virtual reality experience and began flailing his arms wildly.

When WereWatchers reached him for comment, Brewinski was indignant:

“Okay, I probably shouldn’t have clocked fellow festivalgoers. But I still think it was totally the festival’s fault. First off, they called it ‘The Doghouse,’ but there wasn’t a single canine in the whole film. Clearly false advertising.”

“I still tried to get into the immersive experience. But then shit started to get crazy at that dinner table. All Scandinavian and intense.  I saw Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I know what those people are capable of…”

“Of course I started to freak out.”

When WereWatchers pointed out to Brewinski that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was set in Sweden, not Denmark, he seemed unmoved.

“Back off, asshole. I’m a filmmaker, not a cartographer.”


Thought It Was “Part Of The Whole Immersion Thing”

Eyewitnesses say that Brewinski, in an effort to obtain both physical and emotional balance, began flailing his arms rapidly, not realizing that he was striking other participants in the VR experience.

NYPD tells WereWatchers that there were no serious injuries, though the incident clearly left emotional scars on those wounded by Brewinski.

“Holy shit,” said one inadvertently bludgeoned participant. “At first I thought that getting hit on the head was part of the whole immersion thing, but eventually I took off my headset and heard that werewolf moron screaming about how Ingmar Bergman was chasing him around the virtual dinner table.”

“Would’ve been funny if it weren’t for the massive bruise on the side of my head.”

A frustrated New York Film Festival spokesperson remained diplomatic about the incident:

“We try to be inclusive at NYFF. Things happen. We know that.”

After recent bans by Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, his next words were the most prophetic:

“But we may have to draw the line after this. The 2016 NYFF could well be 100% werewolf-free.”