Trump Tells Lady RepubLycans: ‘I Cherish Offensive Comments’

Cleveland, Ohio – After comments perceived by many as misogynist, conservative werewolf women are reconsidering their support for presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

We recently reported that conservative werewolves had planned to announce their own presidential candidate for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination under the RepubLycan banner. But all that changed when TV host / bankruptcy specialist Donald Trump entered the race.

“Frankly, The Donald kind of swept us off our feet with that speech on immigration,” one RepubLycan commentator told WereWatchers. “Sure, it was offensive as Hell, but we werewolves take pride in outrageous behavior, and it was clear that this guy could show us a thing or two.”

But that started to change during the debate on August 6, when moderator Megyn Kelly asked about Trump’s history of less-than-flattering comments toward women, which Trump later attributed to Kelly having “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Seeming hellbent on committing campaign-seppuku, Trump responded to criticism with: “I apologize when I’m wrong, but I haven’t been wrong. I said nothing wrong.”

After the debate and subsequent comments, polls show Trumps support among lady lycanthropes plummeting.

One blogger seemed to sum the sentiment up best:

“Forget blood. Trump has something else coming out of his wherever & his mouth — It’s called 100% Grade-A bullshit.”