Survey: Only 24% of Werewolves Love Their Were-Hair

WereWatchers - Haircare - Survey Do You Love Your Were-Hair?

According to a survey conducted by the WereWatchers Haircare team, only 24% of all werewolves surveyed said they “love” or are “crazy about” their were-hair.

Talk about a bad were-hair day.

Do You Love Your Were-Hair?

The project surveyed 1,200 werewolves in five countries across U.S., Asia, and Europe, allowing werewolves to vent about their were-hair struggles, in an effort to raise awareness and hopefully help lycanthropes learn to love their mane.

While the “dislike” and “ambivalent” numbers varied widely, the numbers on the positive side were generally more consistent, with French werewolves loving their were-hair the most. Our researchers pointed out that although the overall finding was that 24 percent feel great about their were-hair, surprisingly male werewolves were the ones who brought down the average – only 11% of boy lycans feel good about their were-do, as opposed to 37% of girl lycans.

The reason? Our researchers indicate that the less consistent hair care while in human form contributes to frizzy and damaged were-hair during full moons.

“Your were-hair is a 365 days per year job. No vacation. And our male brethren just haven’t learned that yet,” said one researcher. “Hopefully these numbers will provide the kick-in-the-ass needed so that mean-spirited remarks by humans like ‘you look like at the lycan-chia-pet’ will become a thing of the past. Those cruel japes really can bring down were-esteem.”

WereWatchers - Haircare - Survey Only 12 Percent Love Hair - Data

The Complex Creatures Werewolves Are

Here are a few more intriguing data points:

  • Hair Care is a higher priority in a lycanthrope’s full-moon routine than “finding the perfect prey” (85% versus 72%), “bringing the right outfit” for the morning (41%) and “flossing” (32%), behind only “stocking up on post-full-moon Maalox” (93%).
  • When asked how many hair products they use on an average day to manage/tame their unpredictable hair, 65% of werewolves said they use seven or more.
  • 1 in 3 lycans have passed on going after prey as a result of embarrassment over “out of control” were-hair.

So as you can see, not treating your were-hair right can have a real impact on your overall experience as a werewolf.