Survey: Majority Of Lady Werewolves Say They ‘Still Have A Shot’ With Prince Harry

London, England – Last week, the Prince of Wales announced that son Prince Harry would marry American actress Meghan Markle next year. And ladies around the world lamented the loss of Britain’s most eligible bachelor. Except, apparently, for lady werewolves.

According to a new BBC/Reuters/WereWatchers poll taken on Friday, female werewolves have not given up hope that they can still walk down the aisle with Prince Charles’ second son. When asked whether she will someday be married to Prince Harry, over 70% responded either “Definitely,” “Very Likely” or “Yes, After I Eat My Current Husband.”

Pollsters note that this is only a few percentage points drop from when a similar question was posed last year in a poll about eligible bachelors, when Prince Harry was voted “Most Desirable (In Non-Edible Way) Bachelor.”

“From day one, we girl werewolves didn’t even look twice at William. We knew that Harry was the one for us… the rugged good looks, the bad-boy behavior, and of course, the name. Harry + Hairy. It just makes sense.”

However, there is still the thorny issue of Prince Harry’s engagement to the Suits actress.

“The engagement to that no-good Meghan Markle is just a youthful mistake. I can see it in that first interview. He’ll get passed it.”