Study: Werewolf Sightings Up 30%

WereWatchers - WereWolf Sightings - StatAccording to a leaked report from the Department of the Interior, confirmed sightings of werewolves have risen 30% since 2000. These numbers, obtained by (us) from an anonymous source high up within the department, indicate either a heightened awareness among the general public or an increased brazenness in the werewolf community.

These sightings come from all over the country and take a number of forms (not unlike werewolves). They range from people reporting seeing dogs that exhibit a pronounced, human sense of understanding to reports of actual full moon transformations. More people are coming forward to report on what they know is a growing problem.

Our source insists that these secret numbers are not a new metric being used by the Department; in fact, according to our source, a great deal of the Department of the Interior’s focus and budget is and has always been directed towards just such supernatural phenomena. In our source’s own words: “The government has known about werewolves, Sasquatch, etc. for over a century. The Department, while ostensibly meant to monitor wildlife and environmental concerns, has entire offices and task forces devoted to things like werewolves. In a lot of ways, that’s their biggest worry.”

Our source also made clear that the Department is careful not to allow sasquatch sightings to be mistaken for werewolves, nor vice versa, so it is unlikely that these numbers are being altered by unrelated creatures.

The report indicates a steady increase in sightings taking place in urban settings, possibly indicating that it is becoming more difficult for werewolves in cities to blend in with the surrounding population. However, this could also just indicate a growing were-population being forced to settle in areas previously considered too dangerous. Either way, this spike in activity requires absolute vigilance from everybody.

It should also be noted that despite this increase in sightings, there have been no known attacks. Werewolves remain far less aggressive than actual wolves.