LinkedIn Pulls Plug on Werewolf-Oriented LycanedIn


Mountain View, California – On Monday, LinkedIn issued a statement confirming what had been rumored by Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal over the weekend. The social media network will not move forward with the long-gestating werewolf-oriented social media site LycanedIn, which had been in closed beta for some time.

The news comes after last week’s controversy caused by an algorithm glitch that began cross-pollinating LinkedIn user data with that of the LycanedIn users. The result was that LinkedIn users were sent a range of notifications oriented toward the interests of lycanthropes, and which proved disconcerting to non-lycanthropes, with such notifications as “Endorse Emily’s Moonlight Howl Skills.”

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“While we realize that the LycanedIn network includes many who are also members of the LinkedIn network, it is fair to say that many in the LinkedIn community were troubled by the unfortunate technical mishap, and moving forward with the beta trial would seem insensitive, “ the statement said, referring to firestorm of complaints from irate LinkedIn users heard in the media.

“I’m a working mom, busy as 20 bees,” vented one LinkedIn user. “But I try to pay attention to endorsing connections when I can. And I was pretty disgusted when I started getting requests for endorsing a connection’s skill at gnawing through a femur.”

Hers was one of many similar complaints, though some users were less judgmental.

One small business owner in Atlanta explained, “Listen, I’m a Rand Paul supporter. So I frankly couldn’t give a rat’s ass what werewolves do in their spare time. I just don’t need any more damn LinkedIn notifications. I’ve endorsed probably 500 connections for their ‘Agile Development’ skills. I don’t even know what the Hell ‘Agile Development’ is. When I emailed LinkedIn asking why they don’t add ‘Ambidextrous’, the help desk told me to only contact them with serious inquiries.”

“Well, after the werewolf debacle last week, I bet they now got a whole lot of serious inquiries,” he added.

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Based on the LycanedIn homepage, we doubt a public version of the site will ever see the light of day, the ramifications of the algorithm glitch will be felt for a long time. Many werewolves choose to keep their lycanthropy to themselves, and were inadvertently “outed” to their work connections by the glitch.

“Before this, I just explained to coworkers why I always wreaked of meat once a month was because of my passion for eating Arby’s roast beef sandwiches under the full moon. They were cool with that,” a despondent werewolf lamented to WereWatchers,  “But when my connections got a request asking to congratulate me on my “New Role as Greater Phoenix Werewolf Pack Social Chairman,” it was a one way trip to cold-shoulder-ville. Thanks, LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn is currently looking into offering free social reputation services to former LycanedIn users, but one member of the media relations team told WereWatchers off the record, “Response from the services has been muted so far. Very, very muted.”