Guests Mystified by “Quirky” Werewolf Wedding Dress Codes

Dear WereWatchers,

My boyfriend Bo is a werewolf, but more importantly, an Aries, which means he is as much into fashion as I am.

Now that we’re getting serious, I’m now his +1 at weddings, which excites me but for one thing: the incredibly weird dress codes at werewolf weddings.

I thought it was tough trying to figure out what “Brooklyn casual” or “Hawaiian black tie” means, but now I have to contend with “Full Moon Formal” and “Silver Bullet Sexy.”

And as a fashion forward fella, Bo totally expects me to know it all, so if I ask he gives me a major “duh” face, which is even more humiliating when he has transformed into a man-eating half-wolf.

Please, WereWatchers, help a girl out.


Confused Connie, Weehawken, New Jersey



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Dear Ashley,

Though probably not much consolation, the ever-more “creative” dress codes at lycan weddings is as confusing to werewolves as it is to you.

Once somebody goes to one wedding with a quirky dress theme, they seem obliged to up the ante. It’s an arms race for who can create the most cool-sounding yet ill-defined and unachievable style at their wedding.

But don’t let “fun & unique” dress codes become your excuse for “make up an excuse & RSVP with regrets.” As a non-lycan, you will be given more slack by most, except for your boyfriend maybe.

Here’s a couple of tips that should help:


What To Do

We suggest breaking down the cryptic dress code description and tackle it word-by-word.

For example, if the dress code is “Hawaiian Apex Predator Chic,” just deal with the “Hawaiian” part by getting some delightful tropical shoes so at the wedding, a judgmental lycan will at least give you some points for effort.

What Not To Do

As any WereWatchers reader knows, lycans take fashion seriously, so don’t try to be funny. Especially when they are hungry.

We know of one non-lycan invited to a lycan rehearsal dinner with a “BBQ Beautiful” dress code, who decided to dress up as a giant steak as an ironic joke. He…was not at the wedding ceremony.


And hopefully some day you and Bo will be sending out your own wedding invitation with an incredibly frustrating dress code!

– WereWatchers Advice