How to Deal with Matted Were-Hair

Every lycan or lycan loved one will tell you – one of the greatest annoyances of the “morning after” is all that matted fur. You know, if you don’t deal with all that matted hair you got from running around in the forest before you transform back to your normal Joe- or Sally-schmo, you’re gonna have a Hell of an itch for days.

So do you have to buy those pricey were-hair branded solutions? Or are there home remedies that will actually help you detangle?

As always, Werewatchers is here to help:

Home Detangler Spray

Why buy some fake detangling spray from some fake werewolf site posing as a real site, when you can make your were-hair detangling home-brew spray. Just grab a clean, empty spray bottle, fill it with a little H20, add a tablespoon of your favorite organic hair conditioner, and then shake it all up. You can spray it on your matted were-hair and leave it on for a few minutes.


Cornstarch isn’t just for thickening gravy. You can also use it to “unthicken” your were-hair.

Just sprinkle a little cornstarch on the matted hair and work the powder into the fur with your fingertips. This will act as lubricant to help de-mat it.

Working The Mat Out

Okay, if you are a loved one of a lycan, the act of de-matting can get a little tricky. There are known cases of folks, well, losing use their hand while trying to work through the matted hair of a lycan lover. We can’t stress that enough. Think about it, if you spent the whole night prowling your local municipality devouring fellow citizens, you would be irritable too.

So our main tip: Be Gentle. Talk to your lycan loved one in a gentle voice and carefully apply your de-matting homebrew. Now there are a couple ways you can approach that mat. You can use your fingers to work those mats out. If the mat is stubborn, use a fine brush. Be patient because this may take some time.

Offer your lycan loved-one a treat (in lieu of one of your limbs) to reward him/her for good behavior. And give them a nice bath once you’re done.

They will thank you in the morning. Probably.

Bonus Tips

There are a few other things to think about:

  1. Don’t wash before the de-matting. It’ll make things worse.
  2. When you’re working on a mat, gently pinch the hair between the skin and the mat to avoid excessive pulling. (You’ll be glad you did this; trust us!)
  3. Don’t rush to grab some scissors. They may think it’s silver and, well, you get the idea…