Burning Wolf 2017: Va. Beach Welcomes Back Werewolf Hippies

Mt. Trashmore, Virginia Beach, Virginia – In a policy reversal, the City of Virginia Beach has welcomed back werewolf hippies to the Burning Wolf 2017, also known as “Burning Man for Werewolves.”

Despite the surprise success of 2015’s inaugural Burning Wolf, city officials decided to ban the event last year, citing multiple instances of “naked werewolves behaving poorly” throughout the city, including “very cruel treatment of our King Neptune statue” at the oceanfront.

Then, with a recent article in the Wall Street Journal about how much revenue the city of Reno, Nevada gets each year from visitors on their way to Burning Man, the city decided to have another look at their policy.

Early this week, they hastily announced that they are welcoming werewolves back for round two. The event will again be held at Mount Trashmore, a recreational park which has been highlighted for its innovative use of detritis.

In a statement, officials said:

“While some citizens may not like hedonistic hippie werewolves partying on city property on an important holiday weekend, we see an opportunity to turn our beloved mountain of trash into a pile of gold.”