3 Tips for Recycling Those “Moon-Ripped” Clothes

Look, every once in a while, it happens to everyone (well, every werewolf).

You lose track of the week, work’s busy or the flu temporarily knocks you out, and you forget to plan ahead for the full moon. And it seems like every time this happens, you’re wearing your newest party dress or your most comfortable pair of jeans, right?

Well, not for long, of course. Once that full moon is out, you’re about 10 sizes too big for your clothes, leaving them lying in tatters on the ground, covered in hair, while your stretchy yoga pants and cheap undershirts are stowed safely away at home. An all-around waste.

Or is it?

Designer Heidi Axelsen has a new book of fashion tips out called ReUse & ReWere: Let Your Transformations Transform Your Wardrobe. In it, she lists dozens of ways to salvage the remains of your nice duds ruined by a premature transformation.

“I had a friend’s surprise party one night that I’d been planning for weeks, putting everything else on the backburner,” explains Axelsen. “And obviously, an hour into the party – which was a success, I should add – the moon comes out and I tear right out of my cocktail dress. Luckily, no one saw, but the party was over for me all the same.”

“I got to thinking about how much money I spend on clothes that I destroy right away, realized it was too much, and start trying to think of ways to get the most use out of those materials.”

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That spark of an idea has led to a best-selling book and a wildly successful boutique in L.A. Heidi was gracious enough to clue us in on three of her best tips for making your scraps fashionable:

1. Dress Shirts: “One of the biggest problems people come to me with is that they’ve burst out of a cute dress and no amount of stitching will make it a presentable dress again. Sure, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great blouse or casual shirt. The extra fabric from the dress will make patching easier, and a slight tear here or there looks a lot more acceptable on a shirt and jeans combo than a dress.”

2. Secret Spandex: “So you’ve ruined a perfectly good pair of pants. Now that you’re reconstituting them, or maybe combining the remains with another pair of destroyed slacks, you’ll want to be ready for the next accidental transformation so that you don’t have to do this all over again. That’s where spandex comes in. Line all of your tighter-fitting DIY clothes with spandex so that the next time you get caught with your pants down (ha!), your clothes will transform with you.”

3. Use Everything: “Don’t focus only on the basics, shirts, dresses, pants, etc. You tore your running sneakers in half? Turn them into oven mitts. Ripped open your down parka? That’s a new duvet. And you can help stuff it with your torn up socks! Everything can be reused, you just need to look at it creatively!”

So there you have it. Next time you have a full moon fashion disaster, you’ll know what to do.